Do’s and Dont’s of Youth Engagement

Take a look at this useful shareable developed by the Youth Engagement Initiative.


Adult Ally Tip Sheet

The purpose of this tip sheet is to highlight the benefits and characteristics of adult allies, in addition to evidence-based considerations when engaging with youth.


YWHO Core Components

This document outlines the 13 core components of the YWHO model of integrated youth service delivery. Each YWHO site works with the YWHO Backbone to implement each of these evidence-based and evidence-generating components.


News Release: Ontario Expanding Mental Health and Addictions Support for Youth

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Ontario is investing in six new youth wellness hubs to help more youth access the mental health and addictions services they need. Through these new integrated hubs, up to 12,000 young people who are experiencing mental health or addictions challenges will get the support they need.

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Health Equity Fact Sheet: First Nations, Inuit, and Métis Youth in Ontario

First Nations, Inuit and Métis communities experience mental health challenges at significantly higher rates than the general population, with youth being the most affected. View the poster to learn more.



Health Equity Fact Sheet: Francophone Youth in Ontario

1 in 5 Francophones in Ontario live outside designated service areas under the French Language Services Act. They have less access to care close to home and must travel long  distances to receive French services. Therefore many Francophone youth face unique health challenges that impact their ability to access health services. View the poster to learn more.


Basic Principles of Health Service Integration

Delivery of health care services is complex and requires a tailored approach to meet community needs. There is no one-size-fits-all model of integration that is appropriate for all organizations and communities. View the poster to learn more.


Ontario Centre of Excellence for Child and Youth Mental Health Resource Hub

The Ontario Centre for Child and Youth Mental Health has a collection of resources that is designed to help practitioners and organizational leaders use the best available evidence to provide the best possible care. Take a look around.

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The Mental Health Strategy for Canada: A Youth Perspective

The Mental Health Commission of Canada’s Youth Council (YC) came up with the idea to rewrite or “translate,” from a youth perspective, Changing Directions,  Changing Lives: The Mental Health Strategy for Canada. The youth rewrote all six strategic directions, drawing on personal experiences to make sense of a large policy document and turn it into something original.


YWHO In Numbers – 2018 to 2019

What has YWHO been up to in 2018? Take a look at this easy-to-read infographic to see all of our accomplishments.

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All About Youth Advisory Committees

A Youth Advisory Committee (YAC) is a group of young people that provides meaningful input into the decision-making process of youthserving organizations. Creating a YAC is an excellent way of promoting and practicing high quality youth engagement. Learn how to launch your own YAC in 7 easy steps.

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Youth Wellness Hubs Ontario: A Primer

Learn about Youth Wellness Hubs Ontario, our mission, our values, and our overall mandate.




YWHO Engagement practices when hosting young people and family members

Take a look at this infosheet if you want to learn some tips on how you can host events with young people and family members.




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