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Data and Innovation at YWHO

YWHO sites use standardized measures and outcome tools to collect information from young people accessing services.

We collect only what is needed to determine how to best support each young person who walks through the door, while simultaneously supporting ongoing improvement of services for all youth within the network, ultimately ensuring that all youth experience the same quality of care.

The data is not only useful to YWHO, but also provides opportunities for youth to self-reflect, set goals, and monitor their progress, which has been shown to improve youth outcomes.

YWHO’s data and evaluation framework contributes to better youth outcomes and service quality improvement.

Measurement-based Care (MBC)

Central to the YWHO model is Measurement-Based Care (MBC). MBC is the method of using standardized measures and outcome evaluations to collect information from youth and families to improve care. Embedding data, evaluation and research is central to how YWHO continuously improves and innovates.

YWHO’s Data Collection Platform: My Wellness Passport

YWHO evaluates all site activity across Ontario to ensure we have the information needed to improve and evolve, resulting in the highest quality services for youth and communities.

Evaluation is done through various methods, and all data is collected through our integrated data platform called My Wellness Passport.

My Wellness Passport

YWHO is a Learning Health System (LHS)

As a Learning Health System (LHS), YWHO is continuously working to transform the system of care for young people. YWHO can support youth, families, service providers, researchers, and policy-makers by working together to innovate and achieve better outcomes in youth mental health. 


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