YWHO is a Learning Health System (LHS)

As a Learning Health System (LHS), YWHO is continuously working to transform the system of care for young people. YWHO can support youth, families, service providers, researchers, and policy-makers by working together to innovate and achieve better outcomes in youth mental health.

LHS in Practice

Some examples of programs and initiatives where YWHO demonstrates itself as a LHS in action at the sites:

  • PreVenture
  • Early Intervention in Eating Disorders Training
  • Substance Use and Addiction Disorder Training
  • My Wellness Passport Scale-Up Initiative
  • YWHO Virtual 

Through partnerships with local service providers, youth and family engagement, YWHO can take the learnings from outcome data and work to adjust service delivery – ultimately providing the right care at the right time and at the right place.


Data and Innovation

Projects and Initiatives

Youth and Family Engagement