My Wellness Passport

My Wellness Passport

My Wellness Passport (MWP) is YWHO’s integrated data collection platform. 

My Wellness Passport hosts a suite of clinical tools and assessments that youth complete to inform Measurement-based Care, one of the core components of the YWHO Model. It allows local sites to collect meaningful and relevant data from youth about their service needs, goals, experiences, and outcomes.

Measurement-based Care (MBC) is the systematic evaluation of symptoms before or during a clinical service visit. Results help inform decision-making about treatment for youth. For more information about MBC, refer to YWHO core components.


Why do we use a data platform?

To understand the impact on service delivery and the youth mental health and substance use services system.

Currently across Ontario, the mental health and substance use service sectors for adolescent and transition-aged youth lack a common data strategy and platform.

Fragmentation of data compromises the sectors’ ability to ensure adequate system understanding of youth needs and appropriate allocation of resources, particularly for transition-aged youth. YWHO is changing this.

How does My Wellness Passport transform service delivery?

My Wellness Passport provides an interactive method of collecting standardized data to support service providers in providing care to youth and family members/caregivers. 

The data collected from this platform is also used for YWHO service and network evaluation, program development, and service improvements - both in local communities and system-wide across YWHO.

Having data and commonalities across services helps enhance both provincial and organization-level understanding of the shared and unique needs and outcomes of youth. This can facilitate system-wide improvements in youth mental health and substance use services.

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