Integrated Youth Services

What are Integrated Youth Services (IYS)?

Integrated Youth Services (IYS) is a dynamic movement across Canada and internationally that aims to build effective, youth-focused, and integrated services to address mental health, substance use, and related concerns among youth aged 12 to 25 years.

IYS in Canada are demonstrating a global path forward in the implementation of evidence-based practices, evidence-generating practices, and the development of an equity and engagement-centred integrated data platform infrastructure and associated governance models. 


IYS is a Global Movement

IYS is a global movement that supports a dynamic approach to building effective integrated youth mental health systems. It is led by various organizations around the world, including:

How does the IYS model address the gaps in the system?

  1. Addresses access barriers
  2. Emphasizes access to intervention
  3. Enhances accountability through measurement-based care (MBC)
  4. Values service experience, emphasizing identity affirming and developmentally appropriate services
  5. Focuses on integrated, holistic, seamless care

Integrated Youth Services (IYS) Networks in Ontario

YWHO is a network of 22 youth wellness hub networks, that are integrated service networks for youth aged 12-25. These hubs address local needs related to mental health, substance use, primary care, education, employment, housing, peer support, outreach, system navigation, and other community and social programming.

This model aims to:

  • improve transitions into different healthcare models or systems of care;
  • remove barriers for youth to access the treatment they need; and,
  • reduce waiting time for youth as a walk-in site that facilitates early intervention and emphasizes age-appropriate evidence-based care.

YWHO's Core Components

The YWHO Model

The YWHO Model is an Integrated Youth Services (IYS) model that supports communities in bringing together existing services to work together in a new way to provide youth and families access to high-quality, developmentally appropriate services at the right time and in the right place.

Integrated Youth Services (IYS) is a dynamic movement across Canada and internationally that aims to build effective, youth-focused and integrated services to address mental health, substance use, and related concerns among youth aged 12 to 25 years. 

YWHO is taking critical steps towards transforming Ontario's mental health and substance use services with and for youth and improving outcomes that are important to youth and families. 


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The YWHO model offers:

  • Rapid access to easily identifiable mental health and substance use services with walk-in, low-barrier services and clear service pathways;
  • The co-creation of services with youth & families;
  • Evidence-based interventions matched to individuals’ level of need;
  • Transitions to specialized care services when appropriate;
  • Integration of services offered in a youth-friendly space;
  • Virtual care options to complement in-person services
  • Reduction of transitions between services through co-location and;
  • Common data evaluation across sites.

Core Components