Wellness Your Way

Wellness Your Way

In Ontario, young people are re-imagining mental health and wellness so that it works for them.

They are co-creating spaces where they can walk in and get the support they need.


The right services in the right place at the right time

Between school, jobs, relationships and home, balancing life can be a challenge, especially for young people. Finding help to face these challenges can be even tougher.

For too long, the different services that young people need have been disconnected and hard to navigate, neglecting important aspects of their mental health and wellness. YWHO is all about creating the space to help young people find the right services, at the right time, in the right place.

Youth Wellness Hubs Ontario offers a range of integrated supports to empower young people aged 12-25 to address their needs and forge new paths for wellness.

Re-imagining mental health care

Together, we’re transforming the system to help young people build a foundation for a healthy future. Learn how:

The YWHO Model

The YWHO Model

The YWHO Model is an Integrated Youth Services (IYS) model that supports communities to bring together existing services to work together in a new way.
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The Services


Services are delivered by local providers and include a set of consistent practices across the province to ensure high quality, equitable care.
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The Advisories

Youth and family members serve on local working groups and provincial advisory committees to help YWHO better understand what works, what doesn’t and why.
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The Core Components

Core Components

The six core components of YWHO are the essential functions, principles and activities required for the model to achieve its desired outcomes.
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The Data


YWHO sites use standardized measures and outcome evaluations to inform the care of young people accessing services and support better outcomes youth want and deserve.
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The Research


This research can identify service gaps, required improvements, system successes or challenges, and changes in the overall wellbeing of youth and families in Ontario.
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