YWHO Virtual Hub

YWHO successfully launched the initial phase of our innovative, purpose-built, web-based virtual service platform, at select YWHO hubs for youth across Ontario. While the YWHO Virtual Hub is now live, YWHO’s commitment to improvement remains strong, with continuous enhancements to the virtual hub and addition of new features and functionalities.

What is the YWHO Virtual Hub?

The YWHO Virtual Hub is a safe and secure platform where youth aged 12-25 years in Ontario can receive access to timely, high quality, integrated youth services, including mental health and substance use services, as well as primary care, community and social support services that have been co-designed with youth, family members and service providers from across Ontario.

What is the purpose of YWHO Virtual Hub?

The development of the YWHO Virtual Hub aligns with YWHO’s vision to provide barrier-free access to youth-friendly services. YWHO Virtual aims to break down barriers that hinder in-person access, such as transportation issues, stigma, and scheduling conflicts, by offering convenient and accessible virtual care.

What are the benefits of the YWHO Virtual Hub?

  • Enhanced Accessibility: Helping to overcome geographical and personal constraints, especially advantageous for youth residing in remote or underserved areas, or those who are hesitant to access services due to stigma, or experiencing physical and/or mental health challenges that make it challenging to access in-person services.
  • Enhanced Convenience: Independence in appointment scheduling, reducing travel-related hurdles for youth.
  • Increased Availability and Flexibility: Offering youth diverse appointment options to suit their varying schedules.
  • Continuity of Care: Ensuring uninterrupted access to support for youth, even in situations preventing in-person visits.
  • Enhanced Communication: Providing a secure environment for comfortable expression of their needs and concerns.

YWHO’s long-term goal, upon province-wide launch of the YWHO Virtual Hub, is to enable youth across Ontario to request support from anywhere and access services from providers throughout the province, catering to diverse needs and identities.

What are the components of the YWHO Virtual Hub?

The YWHO Virtual Hub comprises the following essential components:

  • Youth Facing Web Platform: through this web page youth can find all available services, hubs offering virtual care, access information and request appointments.
  • Service Navigation Questionnaire: a Chatbot feature guiding youth to suitable service options based on their needs.
  • Youth Account Portal: Optional accounts creation for streamlined appointments and personalized service preferences.
  • Service Provider Portal: a platform for service providers, to carry out all the day to day activities of scheduling or confirming appointment requests and offering services to youth.
  • Integration with My Wellness Passport: the virtual hub is seamlessly integrated with YWHO’s data collection platform allowing service providers to offer appropriate measurement based care and systematically measure youth outcomes.


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