YWHO Projects & Initiatives

YWHO has worked closely with various partners, local community service providers, and subject experts to develop innovative solutions, implement best practices, and provide culturally and age-appropriate YWHO programming.

YWHO projects and initiatives are implemented across local Hub Networks to improve the quality of service, equity of care, and processes for data collection of YWHO services, youth and family experiences, and more.

A core component of the YWHO model is that all programs and projects must be co-developed with youth and families. This ensures our services strive to meet the needs of those receiving them.

Projects and Initiatives

Below are a few of the current YWHO projects and initiatives that are being, or already have been, implemented:


Substance Use Supports and Treatments

YWHO substance use services are informed by best-practices and evidence-generating approaches, while transforming care through policy-level recommendations, capacity-building opportunities across the sector.
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YWHO Virtual Hub

YWHO Virtual Hub is a web-based service platform where young people aged 12 to 25 years of age can receive virtual access to high quality, integrated mental health and well-being services.
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Family Connections™ Program

YWHO partners with Sashbear Foundation to provide family skills and support through Sashbear Foundation’s Family Connections (FC) program and a virtual Expert Education Series.
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My Wellness Passport (MWP) Scale-Up Initiative

The My Wellness Passport (MWP) Scale-Up Initiative focuses on expanding the use of YWHO’s data collection platform, My Wellness Passport.
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PreVenture is an evidence-based prevention program that uses targeted interventions based on personalities to promote mental health and delay substance use among youth (aged 12-18).
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                                      Capacity Building

Capacity Building

Capacity building involves developing and strengthening the skills, knowledge, processes, and resources into practice through training, education and resource sharing to provide the best service possible.
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Indigenous Youth Programming

YWHO provides culturally relevant mental health and substance use support for First Nations, Inuit and Métis youth.
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Lift Program

YWHO is dedicated to improving the overall wellbeing of young people in Ontario. This includes providing social services, employment support and education opportunities.
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Eating Disorder Early Intervention Pilot Program

The ED-EI program will offer an evidence-based and innovative program for youth and young adults with a first episode eating disorder.
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Peer Support Training

YWHO offers Peer Support services and offer a very special Peer Support Worker training at every hub.
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Enhancing our Core Services

YWHO's projects and initiatives listed above showcase some of the ways YWHO is working to enhance our core services offered throughout the province. These initiatives are in addition to YWHO’s menu of core services offered at every hub for young people. They provide services for youth with more specialized needs so that they can get the specific care they need.

To learn more about YWHO's core services and where to find your local hub, click the links below.

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