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PreVenture Program @ YWHO

YWHO is supporting the delivery of the PreVenture program, an evidence-based prevention program for youth (age 12-18 years) that uses brief, personality-targeted interventions to promote mental health and delay substance use. 

The prevalence of substance use is particularly elevated in youth populations. Even low levels of substance use can co-occur with mental health problems in early adolescence. Evidence-based preventative programs, such as the PreVenture program, are key to minimize the impact of substance use on the life trajectories of children and youth.

Delivering PreVenture in schools

In partnership with School Mental Health Ontario (SMH-ON), the YWHO PO is supporting the implementation of the PreVenture program in schools across Ontario, using a phased approach. This will benefit students by promoting positive youth development and increased access to prevention and early intervention services. The PreVenture project team provides implementation support to selected school boards who are preparing to implement and deliver the program.

Schools and YWHO Hubs located in the same region have collaborated to lead the implementation and delivery of PreVenture in select schools through a system of care approach. 

As part of the “Early Adopter Project”, the first seven selected school boards delivered PreVenture during the 2022/2023 school year, focusing on grade 8 students. In the 2023/2024 school year, an additional eight boards delivered the program alongside Early Adopters, now focusing on grades 7 to 9.

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Delivering PreVenture in the community

The YWHO Provincial Office (YWHO PO) has been supporting the implementation of the PreVenture program in the community through partnerships with 26 youth serving agencies across the province

The YWHO Provincial Office supports organizations as they prepare for implementation through:
•    Training activities for facilitators to deliver PreVenture workshops;
•    Program evaluation, and;
•    Ongoing access to implementation consultation and guidance.

We are continuing outreach and engagement with mental health/addictions agencies, and youth-serving agencies to deliver the program. Please reach out to the PreVenture team if you are interested in delivering PreVenture in your organization.

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