Funding, Government Support and Philanthropic Partners

YWHO was established in 2017 with the generous support of the Ontario government and philanthropic partners to launch the first 10 Youth Wellness Hubs as a demonstration of the YWHO integrated youth services model. At the end of the demonstration phase, these existing sites were provided annualized funding by the Ontario government.  The ongoing support of government has facilitated the expansion to 22 fully funded YWHO networks. In addition, philanthropic donors have supported YWHO to innovate and mobilize knowledge.

Philanthropic Partners and Funders

Youth Wellness Hubs Ontario's philanthropic efforts are lead and supported by the CAMH Foundation and Dr. Jo Henderson. The CAMH Foundation convenes a Funders Table to discuss strategy, seek advice, and outline future goals. YWHO has also benefitted from the generous support of individual donors and local donors who support individual sites.

*Representative of cumulative giving from April 1, 2017- December 31, 2023.

YWHO’s Founding Philanthropic Partners*:

  • Graham Boeckh Foundation
  • CAMH Foundation

YWHO's Philanthropic Partners*:




Support hands


• Jamie & Patsy Anderson • Balsam Foundation • Graham Boeckh Foundation • The Moffat Foundation • RBC Foundation
Promise hands

$100,000 -$999,000

• Bell-Graham Boeckh Foundation Partnership • The Gordon & Ruth Gooder Charitable Foundation • Longo’s Family Charitable Foundation • Medavie Health Foundation • McConnell Foundation • Dove Canada • Graham Burton Foundation


• J.P. Bickell Foundation • Daymark Foundation

Government Funding

The Ontario government has played a key role in the launch and continued growth of YWHO through the following organizations:

  • Knowledge Institute of Child & Youth Mental Health (CHEO)
  • Ontario Ministry of Education
  • Ontario Ministry of Health
  • Ontario Health’s Centre of Excellence in Mental Health and Addictions

Contact YWHO for more information at info [at] or by clicking the link below.