Resources for First Nations, Inuit and Metis Youth

Youth Wellness Hubs Ontario and Shkaabe Makwa at CAMH have partnered with Indspire to develop a series of resources on well-being, mental health and substance use for First Nations, Inuit and Métis youth and their communities. All resources have been created by a team of experts, including young people and a Knowledge Keeper.

Building your medicine bundle: Understanding your mental health journey

  • Ways to understand well-being through traditional knowledge and expertise, with examples of different strengths and challenges people may face in their own wellness journey.

Journeying along the river: Reaching out for support

  • Ways to support yourself during your own wellness journey, including challenges you may face and tips for reaching out for more support from others.

Preparing for your Journey: Navigating stigma and creating a supportive community:

  • Understanding stigma that you may face on your own wellness journey, including how to recognize those who can help you on your journey.

We Matter 

  • A platform where Indigenous role models, youth, and community members from across Canada share their own experiences of overcoming hardships, and communicate that no matter how hopeless life can feel, there is always a way forward.

Strengthening our Connections to Promote Life: A Life Promotion Toolkit by Indigenous Youth 

  • This toolkit is a youth-focused and youth-led response to suicide, mental wellness, and substance use in Indigenous communities.

Native Youth Sexual Health Network – Indigenizing Harm Reduction 

  • For Indigenous youth looking for harm reduction practices that help reclaim self-determination over their own health and bodies.

Rivers to Success 

  • A variety of resources for Indigenous youth.