Core Components

YWHO’s Six Core Components

The six core components of YWHO are the essential functions, principles and activities required for the model to achieve its desired outcomes.

Each local YWHO site implements these evidence-based and evidence-generating components to ensure that youth and their families are receiving the best possible quality of care regardless of which YWHO site they access.

Click here to download a summary document of YWHO's Core Components. 

The six core components are:

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Youth & Family Engagement

Engagement empowers youth and families to make decisions about their care by embedding their voice at all levels.
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Collaborative partnerships

Integrated Governance & Partner Collaboration

Strategic collaboration between youth and service provider network to manage resources and organize service delivery.
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A comprehensive array of services offered to youth under one roof to meet their individual needs.
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Inclusive and Culturally Diverse Services

Services that respond to the health, beliefs, practices, cultural, and linguistic needs of diverse youth.
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YWHO Integrated Service Delivery (IYS) Model

Co-located and integrated service across a continuum of care accessible through a single, youth-friendly access point.
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Measurement-based care (MBC)

Standardized screening tools, equity data use, and clinical outcome monitoring to improve care for youth.
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