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YWHO is an evidence-informed and evidence-generating initiative.

Knowledge gained through our evaluations can help improve planning and services for youth across Ontario and beyond.

YWHO’s evaluation is ongoing and centered on its core components. Evaluation includes getting comprehensive, standardized input from people with all types of involvement with hubs (for example, those who receive services and those who provide services). This happens through qualitative and quantitative data collection methods.

Why do we do evaluations?

Evaluating care of youth receiving YWHO services involves a minimum data set (MDS). Using MDS data in combination with other forms of data ensures that YWHO has standardized measurement of things like:

  • What youth and family think of their care
  • Social and psychological functioning of youth
  • Wait times for services
  • How effectively services work together within the hubs to better serve youth
  • How engaged youth and family are in the development of hubs, locally and provincially
  • How effectively hubs are using all of the components that make YWHO unique


YWHO Evaluation

What do the results of the evaluation result in?

At each hub, the data received through evaluation provides comprehensive information that can contribute to:

  • Improving alignment with the core components of YWHO
  • Reducing wait times
  • Increasing access to appropriate services for youth (and their families)
  • Better and more appropriate service delivery for diverse youth
  • Improving clinical outcomes
  • Improving ways of working together as a network
  • And more


The links below showcase YWHO data summaries, case studies and evaluation findings:

  • Coming soon – we’re putting our data together for you!

YWHO’s Evaluation Platform: My Wellness Passport

My Wellness Passport (MWP) is YWHO’s data collection platform. MWP hosts a suite of clinical tools and assessments used to collect information and data to inform measurement-based care. Measurement-based care is the systematic evaluation of symptoms before or during a clinical service visit.

Results are used to inform decision-making about treatment for youth. For more information about measurement-based care, refer to the YWHO core components.

This platform provides an interactive method of collecting data, supports service providers in providing care to youth and family members/caregivers, and facilitates the reporting of this information at both the individual and site level.


If you have questions about YWHO, please email info@ywho.ca

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